July 2022

July? It’s peak summer laziness. Sure, “it’s a dry heat” and all that but I start to melt rapidly after 90° so 102° just feels downright unreasonable.

I made another trip to German Guys because I like when other people make chicken cordon bleu and they were advertising it as a weekend special. It was so neat and tidy—a feat I can never accomplish at home—but the real kicker? It was so tender and juicy! I’m talking succulence, borderline decadence. It’s the best one I’ve ever had for sure. The next time it’s on the menu? I’m there.

Unfortunately, my visit to Pho Mex was not a good one. There was an incident in which I was treated as if I were a zoo animal on display. It was very rude. To add insult to injury, the food ranged from okay to downright disappointing. I can’t see any situation in the future that would make me return.

It was a month of amazing thrift finds. The 12 piece matryoshka in amazing condition! The porcelain Dandy. The creepiest, and arguably most cursed child-with-Dolly. The very cool 70’s raccoon with poppies.

Battle Tomato has been lost. There was one fruit looking as if it might be a good one and as it was the only fruit, I had high hopes. And then some bastard animal plucked it, had a bite, and abandoned it. It will be quite awhile before I try again. It’s time for a different plant to try.

In more positive culinary news there were successes! Bacon lattices have forever changed my BLT game. A Rosemary & Lemon Simple Syrup, that did need a mellowing period but now is smooth and herbaceous, a hint of mystery! I salvaged some overripe tomatoes and made Fennel-Red Pepper-Tomato-Butter that we’ve used on just about every kind of vegetable as a finishing treat. My favorite of the homemade fare? Chile Relleno Arancini. In some sort of moment of farm stand anxiety, I ended up bringing home two big bags of poblanos and no plan. But then the desire for arancini took hold and there was no turning back! They were incredibly delicious and for a first run, I’m so pleased! I’d like to add way more poblano to the mix and scale them down a bit next time.

Lastly, I caught a few movies in the cinema at the end of the month. Thor was the most fun, Black Phone was spooky enough but thin in too many parts to really get off the ground. What you need to see is “Nope” it you haven’t already. It is the movie of the summer!

PS – if you love mustard as much as I do (and I put it on nearly everything) then you should definitely try that mustard ice cream if given the chance!

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