August 2022 • Part I

Oh August. I cooked. I thrifted. We ate.

Notable moments: The Star Succulent Farm is amazing. I wanted to buy one of everything—especially the Mother of Thousands but I need to spend some quality time tending the jungle I do already own before I bring anything new home.

I made two rad purchases. One is the floral painting I scored secondhand for $10 and the other is the Audrey-II-inspired Halloween decoration! I’ve had my eye on those ever since Michaels debuted them a few years ago but the price was never right. Thanks to some rewards dollars and some coupons, I finally made it happen!

Bunny and I went to a new-to-us restaurant, The Oxford, in Lodi. They have Old Speckled Hen on tap! Bunny got a corn soup that was just gorgeous and well-executed; my crab’s benny was okay—delicious just not overwhelming. I’d definitely go back to try the regular lunch/dinner menu instead of brunch.

Back on my bread-baking bullshit. I have a bunch of yeast I have to use up before it’s completely useless. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Party at my house, cool?

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