July 2022

“July, that lovely hell, all
velvet dresses and drapes
stuffed into a hot little hole.”
— Laura Kasischke

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Spider-Man: Homecoming – A Review

I guess I should start things off by mentioning that I’m not really into Super Hero/Comic Book movies.  There are a few that I like—Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1, Deadpool, and Logan for example—but they’re just not my jam.  I think it’s the mountains of back story/necessary exposition (and I’m not fond of the comic book format).  I probably would’ve skipped this entirely but I’d heard good things about the movie in general, about Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker, and I had a BOGO coupon for Redbox rentals so… I gave it a shot.

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Loving Vincent – A Review

I first became aware of this film about six years ago.  Once the trailer hit social media, friend after friend shared it with me—”You’ll love this!” “It looks right up your alley!” “This reminded me of you!” And after watching the trailer and scouring the internets for more information, I was quickly disheartened to see that it would be quite a while before this film would make it to theaters; would I even be living in a place that I’d get to see it in theaters?

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