Small Bites – Summer Reading

I’m not entirely sure how the works of Don DeLillo came into my life. I do remember that it started with ‘Cosmopolis’ which probably means that I watched the film attempt and was subsequently haunted… I am normally a fast reader. I devour texts. But DeLillo’s work demands savoring. It’s a pool you slip so […]

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Small Bites

This morning, my breakfast looked like Wall-E. Right now… I will try to find the joy in the smallest, simplest things, if I can’t be the joy. In an effort to clean out my picture caches, I’ll be posting a bit more regularly—and I’m not lying to y’all or myself. Small bites. Hope you’re hungry.

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Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! If you’re in CA and forgot to register, you’re in luck!  We (along with the other states in the infographic above) have same-day voter registration!  So you can show up, get registered and do your civic duty! Polls in Stanislaus County close at 8 pm today!  Cheers!  

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This is Halloween! Part III.

Hello hello hello!  Can y’all believe it is already November?!  Xmas displays have been spreading like wildfire since a week ago and it’s only going to grow as we barrel towards the end of year! But I’m still in the spooky spirit!  I’ll start changing over the outside decorations to more of a paired-down Autumnal […]

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This is Halloween! Part II.

Due to our somewhat-former lives as Tumbleweeds, BP and I don’t have a ton of holiday decorations. He would argue that this is false, but trust me, we have only just begun building our Halloween Outdoor Display. This year I’ve added what is undoubtedly my favorite piece in our collection. Everyone, meet Freddy The Werewolf […]

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This is Halloween! Part I.

Unless we’re bonafide strangers, y’all know how much I absolutely adore Halloween! It’s hands-down my favorite holiday of the year! In fact, I’m really perplexed that the popularity of this day seems to really have waned; Christmas displays have long since been erected and you’re lucky to find a few discounted spooky decorations by now. […]

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