August 2022 • Part II

…there were also movies, more cooking and some pickling, and gorging on late summer tomatoes. I cannot get enough of them. And now that I know how simple it is to make my own pickled pineapple and my own tetelas? I’m the happiest duck in the pond, so the speak.

It wasn’t a grand month for movies. I didn’t like ‘X’. It was pretty boring, had some weird delineations in the overall storyline, and the kills were just kind of so-so. Critics and audiences seemed to really dig it; I wondered if I was missing something but I’ve thought about it for a long while and it just didn’t hit for me. ‘All My Friends Hate Me,’ was decidedly bad. It was mean-spirited in a cruel way but felt like they were aiming for a black comedy and missed completely. Spoor/Pokot had such potential and some very beautiful moments but often got in it’s own way with some heavy handed and obvious sentiments.

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