June 2022

June. June bug. Juniper. Jupiter. June.

It’s so hot right now, I feel like a malfunctioning host. The Summer is on full-blast and it’ll be October before we get any real relief.

June saw the end of the season for the Heat. Next year they’ll be back in Calgary. I’m still really upset about it. And seeing the season end playing against the Wolves? My grudge is official. The upside is that many of my favorite Heat boys are gonna play in the NHL next season; I’m gonna follow both the Heat and the Flames next year!

I went for Korean for what I think is the first time in my life. Bunny really enjoyed it—it’s totally his jam—but for me it was just okay. I had to pick quite a bit of octopus out of my pancake and my soup, which definitely put a damper on the experience. It wasn’t listed in the ingredients or else I’d have ordered something else. I don’t eat octopus. They’re too smart.

I also discovered this amazing little German restaurant in Waterloo—it’s in an old house and the actual menu is pretty small. Everything is so fresh and I’ve been back once already since the first visit.

There was a winery and QT puppy time day. Lots of thrifting, including this incredible (and in tact) matryoshka that I has planned to resell but is probably going to remain in my personal collection. It’s just too beautiful!

I’m trying to let go of a lot of clutter and found a bunch of matchbooks. I have a few modern ones I added recently from Bunny’s work travels but I’m curious how much longer matchbooks will be a thing.

My Fiddle-Leaf is finally started having a renaissance when it comes to new growth. We’re finally learning one another. Something to that, probably.

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