May 2022

I love May. It’s a summertime-hopeful, the promise of long days and sunshine heavy citrus trees. It’s the month I celebrate my partner’s birthday; we found tiny viennetta cakes for the quiet dinner we had at home. His folks sent us a buncha seafood, including some amazing catfish that we beer battered and holy fish and chips Batman! I think we ended up having the same dinner three nights in a row, but it was so delicious that I couldn’t actually complain!

[Don’t worry, we went into the city for a fancy-schmancy dinner at Gibson SF. I cannot recommend them enough! The whole experience, from restaurant to service, cocktails to the dinner menu, was perfection. Their team is incredibly creative without being pretentious. I will definitely be back. They’re actually located inside a hotel, so I’m hoping we can stay on property for our next visit!]

May was also the month I got to see my most favorite band in the world, The Mountain Goats. I’ve seen them play all over the country but there is something really special about their performances in San Francisco. It always feel like they’re coming home.

I did a lot of thrifting this month and my big score were these giant abalone shells at a random stop I made. They’re an item I’ve lusted over ever since seeing some as a part of a vendor display at a goth craft fair ages ago but I never thought I’d find my own.

My love for Hockey continued to blossom. I won an authentic jersey via the third period raffle and my boys made it to Calder Cup Playoffs! The season is finished up for them now (spoiler alert: we did not make it Finals) and next season, they’re heading back up to Calgary. Big Bummer for us fans. I’ll still root for them though. I love The Heat. Plain and simple.

I’m only growing one tomato plant this year. So far it’s had lots of blossoms but so far only one actual fruit has started to develop. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?

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