April 2022

April April April. It seems like not much happened in April, but that’s partially because I spent some of it traveling and vacationing on a family trip.

I did get tattooed, played a bunch of backgammon, and cook. I made a pickle pizza after seeing the video of it make the rounds on social media again. It was delicious, but just too salty to make it a regular pie in rotation. We tried brunch at the New Mexican joint by our house and it was just so-so but I’m hoping to return for lunch and/or dinner to give it another shot!

The neatest thing (outside of traveling) was natural-dyeing some Ostara Eggs with purple cabbage and lemon juice! I’ve always wanted to try natural dyes for the season, but that usually falls by the wayside in favor of more ambitious culinary pursuits. I’ll definitely do it again next year and try some other colors!

Tell me your favorite Springtime/Ostara/Easter tradition.

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