March 2022

March was delicious: brunch with friends, winery with Bun, and the discovery of cavolo-Nero-with-miso-green-spaghetti. I’ve made it a few times over already and I do not like to repeat recipes!

There was hockey, a very crowded gem show, Fig’s first vet visit to our vet (he’d only been to his foster’s).

Most notably I read and finished, “A Little Life.” No piece of literature (or any art really) has ever affected me so strongly. It’s incredibly well written and at the same time 800 plus pages of suffering. Misery porn. I won’t read it again any time soon (did you see my face in the photos above??) but I did buy Yanagihara’s other books because I am in fact a masochist.

Tell me, what book broke your heart so bad you might not ever read it again?

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