January 2022

January feels as if it passes in moments, rather than weeks. It’s my favorite month, as it celebrates my birth, and that means a trip to the coast and a dozen oysters (at least).

I’m trying to do a 10×10 square of my wolf latch-hook every day, but being out and living means that I’m a bit behind schedule. I’m not stressed about it. I only want to finish it before 2022 closes. Plenty of time still.

January was dominated by fungus; I grew pink oysters in addition to eating a bunch prepared ‘a la Sohla.’ (There’s dry sherry and searing in a cast iron and basting in the oven involved.) There were also delightful veggie dishes and a really dank catfish dinner at an otherwise disappointing dining establishment.

I went to my first in-person hockey game and did y’all know that hockey, especially at the farm-team level is an incredibly good time?! And that it’s a slippery slope to then searching for hockey games on the tv to get your fix in between hometown games? A slippery slope, I tell ya.

A parting thought: that candle you’ve had for over a decade? The one you bought and could never bring yourself to burn? This is your permission to light and enjoy it.

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