February 2022

February, February, February. Like your predecessor, you too pass by in moments, rather than weeks.

To stave off the impending post-holidays-and-birthday blues, I went and got a naughty tattoo, and started this “MESS” prompt-style journal to encourage some sort of daily practice for art experimentation.

I learned, and fell in love with backgammon! I ordered this sweet travel board from Pendleton which I’m excited to take on the road when the weather’s a bit nicer! I also bought a full-size board for the house. That’s how much I’m digging it right now.

LAMB came to BluRay. I went to another goth/witch market and adopted Lamb Chomp, and procured a really fine Otter skull for the start of my bone collection! Later that night was Star Wars Night at The Heat game. I love any and all excuses to dress up for a theme! Additionally, after joking that we were going to win the drawing for a Heat jersey, we actually did win! I’m excited to wear it (even if only for a little bit) at the next game we attend!

My favorite moment of the entire month was flying to D.C. to watch my College Bestie get married to a most excellent human! It was a beautiful and fancy and wonderful ceremony and reception; her musical taste is untouchable so the playlist was straight up fire! Bunny and I also got to spend some time in the Smithsonian and I managed to squeeze in as much seafood into my diet as possible. Be on the lookout soon for a post just about our museum and gallery antics. Maybe some pictures from the wedding too; waiting for the bride and groom to upload some photos to social media first.

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