December 2021

December was strange. These vibrant bursts of technicolor studding weeks of wet static; a soft-drink without any sweet, sticky syrup.

The food was delightful and I’m not even embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed two really luscious cheeseboards in the same month. I found a new Filipino spot where I got to try Lato for the first time! I made my first savory Dutch baby, tried to add a little balance with rainbow-hued salads. I also finally tried the ‘newer’ Ramen joint in my town—where I also finally got to check an item off my culinary bucket list: egg sando on Japanese milk bread!

There may or may not be film-talk coming soon. I saw a lot of really interesting films and tv shows in 2021.

See you in the future, my startdust meatbags. xx

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