November 2021

November was decidedly orange; but then what else would it be?

I scored that vintage (1973) Ernie Cookie Jar for a steal, and also came home with my first ever hourglass, and some more milk glass for my recycled mushroom sculptures.

My homegrown was finally ready for sampling and y’all! It’s pretty good! For a first attempt? I’m proud. I can’t wait for next spring!

For Thanksgiving, we ditched the traditional menu. (I’ve got big beef when it comes to turkey being a trash, dry, flavorless bird. Don’t test me). Instead we dined on Crab Fettuccine with a tarragon lemon cream sauce. Heavy on the crab. Roasted veg. Fucking delicious.

I closed out the month by attending a burlesque show in Sacramento with some of my polycule. The venue made me feel very safe with Covid protocols and it was a great show! It’s nice to get out of the house. Pre-pandemic I adventured all the time; Covid hit and I went into Hermit Mode. So a little taste of ‘normalcy’ goes a long way into filling my cup.

November went in a flash. Or maybe I’m just aware of my mortality in the winter months.

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