This is Halloween! Part II.

Due to our somewhat-former lives as Tumbleweeds, BP and I don’t have a ton of holiday decorations. He would argue that this is false, but trust me, we have only just begun building our Halloween Outdoor Display.

This year I’ve added what is undoubtedly my favorite piece in our collection. Everyone, meet Freddy The Werewolf Skeleton!

I first saw him in a few different grocery stores, but couldn’t bring myself to pay full price for him. I’m hella enthusiastic about Halloween but also on a budget!

But then, last week, I saw this glorious sight!

Freddy was marked down to $40 at my local grocery store! AND I had a $10 credit on my account from points that were about to expire, so technically Freddy was only $30! What a steal!

Naturally, I brought him home.

But it wasn’t enough to just prop him up outside on a hay bale. Oh no.

HE NEEDED COSTUMES! Look, I know it’s extra but do I seem like someone who cares about that?!

So I dug around the box of Halloween Past (and later picked up some cheap wigs) and have changed his look pretty much every day since I’ve had him. Here are his looks so far:

Happy Halloween Eve friends!


Trick-or-Treat!  Smell my feet!  Give me something delicious to drink?

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