This is Halloween! Part III.

Hello hello hello!  Can y’all believe it is already November?!  Xmas displays have been spreading like wildfire since a week ago and it’s only going to grow as we barrel towards the end of year!

But I’m still in the spooky spirit!  I’ll start changing over the outside decorations to more of a paired-down Autumnal Feel (and maybe a surprise or two) this weekend of course, but I’m not ready to pack it all in just yet!

I hope you had a great Halloween!  Here’s a look into the shenanigans at Casa Bonita!

Since I live in a hot, dry, and desert-like climate, my house is not great for plants that need any substantial amount of sunlight… But the supermarket had these gorgeous ‘black lilies’ that I admired every single time I went in for groceries!

Technology is so amazing!  I got to watch my little Jellyfish get married to her beau!  Congrats to this beautiful couple!

Freddy had a few more looks!  Here he is lounging in the pool!

All Hallows’ Eve started very early and somewhat stressful, but I still managed to put together a look for him!

It’s a recently-adopted-tradition that we carve our jack-o-lanterns on actual Halloween!  Last year I waited for BP to finish work so we could carve ours together, but this year I had to get a head start!  The mouth was the most work and I definitely started to rush as I had other tasks and appointments that day but…

…I think he turned out really well!

Thanks to an excellent sale over at KILLSTAR, I was able to be my truest witchy self!

Freddy, dressed in all his Pineapple Glory, came with me for my appointments!  Here he is providing moral support while I get tattooed.

And this is my Halloween 2018 tattoo!  Last year I got a little vampire kewpie face on my ankle and I just love him so much!  I decided then that I would start my own little tradition and get a creepy kewpie each Halloween.  This little guy sits right above my left elbow!

Since I was downtown, I took Freddy to the tap room, and he was a real hit!

Halloween 2018 – Modesto, California!  What a day!

The last bit of sunset was so crucial!

BP came home and got started on his jack-o-lantern!

He did an excellent job!

All lit up!

And here’s mine lit up as well.  Additional shenanigans included:  baking my infamous dark-chocolate-ganache pistachio cake, watching some classic Halloween movies and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters!

It’s only been a few days but I’m already getting excited for next year!  Again, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!


You know what to doOoOooOooOooo…

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