This is Halloween! Part I.

Unless we’re bonafide strangers, y’all know how much I absolutely adore Halloween! It’s hands-down my favorite holiday of the year!

In fact, I’m really perplexed that the popularity of this day seems to really have waned; Christmas displays have long since been erected and you’re lucky to find a few discounted spooky decorations by now.

But that doesn’t stop me from getting my Halloween celebratory vibes a-goin’! I wasn’t able to decorate as early as I normally like because of our trip to Montana (more on this later). It’s been a mad dash to get the outside decorated this year… But I’m finally done! Here are some snaps of the whole process!

I hope that, no matter what you get up to, you have a safe and merry Halloween!


APFE is hopefully returning to a regular schedule starting in November!  Did you miss us?  Did you really miss us?!

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