March 2023

Springtime! The sun finally peeled back days and days of rain enough for us to get out of the house and out of town on occasion.

The trip to Locke was mostly a bust; most of it was closed. What was open wasn’t in the best shape. I did however look like a beautiful chubby Easter Egg. (Which was my first favorite outfit of the month, followed by the Lichtenstein-inspired set that I bought off one of the coolest old ladies I met on tiktok.

I ate really well this month! A new (to me) taqueria (yes the beans & rice were bangin’) and a ‘shrimp wontonmen’ ramen that will forever be in my heart. Those dumplings were onion-skin thin and melted in your mouth. I’m swooning just thinking about them. And even though the service/experience at the Ethiopian joint left much to be desired, I would eat a pile of their injera again, given the chance.

You see that little kitten up there? That’s not Fig! So crazy right? He was in the planter outside the creamery we stopped off at after a wine trip. He looked just like Fig and I wanted to scoop him right up and bring him home! I’d love for Fig to have a brother to play with but I just couldn’t do that to Nacho Dog who deserves a peaceful retirement; something he barely gets with the tornado that is our black fur ball bouncing off the walls with alarming regularity.

Someday I’ll have a big piece of land and a whole herd of cats though.

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