Small Bites – PB&J Tray Bake, Except It’s A Circle.

Like most humans with a soul, I love almost everyone who competes on GBBO; but I only keep up with a few long after their season airs.

Nadiya Hussain is one of those people! She lights up the screen and is so disarming. I love having her various shows on in the background when I’m home alone. It’s like hanging out in a friend’s kitchen.

One of my favorite things she makes is a PB&J Tray Bake. It’s a really versatile recipe—use whatever nut butter you love, your favorite jam or jelly. The original recipe calls for a brownie tin. Mine was occupied this time, so I made it in a round cake tin and I really loved the presentation of it! I might stick to the cake tin! Ooh! Or maybe a muffin tin trial is in order…

If you make this recipe, sound off in the comments. Happy baking, hoes.

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