August 2021

Even though it took three posts to cover July, it somehow feels as if August was busier; or maybe more things happened that were worth documenting? I’ve had the pandemic blues, so staying busy is not only helpful, but necessary.

I’ve found a new patio spot to enjoy chips and salsa (and the occasional margarita). I’ve also discovered that The Pho offers all sorts of delicious beverages. The avocado smoothie? Divine. I want to try them all though.

I bought my first monsteras. It was only supposed to be one monstera. I currently own four. And because I live in California and am a grown ass adult, I am trying my hand at growing my own cannabis plant. I have put minimal effort into it’s care and despite that, it’s growing like a weed.

I made some delicious eats this month. I’m currently obsessed with a faux-lobstah-roll recipe (for which I made my own New England Style Buns and HOT DAMN), vinegar-marinated anchovies on toast. I obviously had to try a hot dog on the homemade buns. You know, for science. There was also an apricot chicken recipe tucked in there that I’m definitely going to repeat in the near future.

Lastly, if I can’t wear my red boots, I shan’t be attending. Eat your heart out, Dorothy. This Wicked Witch does it better.

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