Tries! Targeted Ad: Instagram – Palm Eyewear

[Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post (though I’m not opposed to sponsored posts, so if you have a product you’d like me to try in exchange for an honest review, let’s talk).  All opinions are 100% my own and influenced only by my experience.]

Do you ever see target ads on social media and think, “Who buys that?”

Well, sometimes, it’s me.  I didn’t used to make purchases based off of target ads, mostly because I’m concerned with the quality (and the potential to be duped/waste money).  And if the ads are for women’s clothing?  Forget about it.  Buying clothing is always an arduous journey, and with my body type, I prefer to hit a brick-and-mortar store if at all possible because I just have to try stuff on.

But I started to get braver.  Crazier, even.

Okay, actually, I just watched a bunch of haul videos during bouts of insomnia, featuring merchandise from targeted ads and thought, “Well, why not?”

So the first product I’d like to talk about?  Sunglasses.  Specifically sunglasses from Palm Eyewear.  You might’ve seen their ads over on Instagram, which is where I first came across them.  And let it be known, I have a serious sunglasses problem.  Just ask BP.  I’ve mostly corralled the few dozen pairs I usually rotate to our foyer area, but there are stragglers about the house, and in both vehicles.  And probably some still in boxes from our move that I just haven’t dug out yet.  I can’t help it.  I’m a sunglasses fiend.  The brighter, wackier, more unique?  The better!  Seriously, give me all your sunglasses.

When I saw the ad for Palm Eyewear and their promise that the first pair purchased would be free (all I would need to do was cover the S&H), I dove right in and was determined to find a pair that would suit my particular style.  Before I committed to a pair though, I did do a little digging into the company to see just how sketchy they might be; a lot of targeted ads are for cheap goods shipping out of China, and who wants to wait weeks for something that might not even be true to the ad?  I couldn’t find much info about Palm Eyewear at all—their website would lead you to believe they’ve been around for at least two years already.  Their address is a Las Vegas, NV address, so I didn’t wait particularly long to receive my order; it took about 4 days from receiving the shipping notification to actually get the product in my hands.

Here is what I bought!


These are the ‘Fiji’ pair, in the Black/Light Green color scheme.  They offer five more options, black or tortoise shell frames with varying colors for the lenses.  I’d seen this pair in a few reviews, and I’m a sucker for oversized frames, so into the cart they went!  Normally this pair retails for $39.50, but that’s out of my usual budget for shades.  I usually end up picking kooky pairs up in unlikely places, and I keep to the $5-$7 range, though I have been known to splurge if they’re a really grand pair that I simply cannot live without.  I don’t think I’ve ever paid as much as $40 for a pair, and there is no way I would’ve paid so much for these.  I thought that even the S&H price of $14.99 was a bit high, but in the name of science—and to help out you, dear reader, who might be considering ordering from this company—I gave it a try.

And I have to say, I’m glad I did.  I still think they’re a bit overpriced, but these are some fine shades for sure!  I wore them out just the other day, and no less than five strangers stopped me and asked about them during my time at a local festival.  My pals were also pretty supportive of them across various social media.  Other than their appearance, my next favorite aspect is how light they are, without feeling cheap.  Oversized shades are great, but they’re often pretty heavy, given all the material that can go into them.  This can create a problem for me where I start to feel stuffy after a while because they’re weighing down on my nose!  That is not the case with these shades!  They’re so light, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them!  They’re also just dark enough to fulfill their intended purpose of protecting your eyes, but not so dark that you have to keep lowering them to see into vendor booths at an outdoor festival.

I’d like to also mention that Palm Eyewear offers a ‘VIP Membership’ option.  It’s $24.99 a month, and they send you a new pair of sunglasses each month and the ability to earn additional ‘gifts’ (i.e. additional sunglasses) the longer you stay a member.  If you don’t like a pair, you can send them back for a refund.  And you can cancel at any time, so you’re not locked into a contract.  I’m not so fashion forward, nor do I have unlimited disposal income, so I’m not partaking in this membership.  But for the right person, this could work out to be a sweet deal.

Final verdict?  If it’s your first time shopping with them and you can get the ‘only-pay-S&H promo,’ I’d splurge and treat yourself to a pair, but there are other places to shop for unique shades that are more budget friendly with the same level of quality.

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