December 2022

December is a month where time is as slippery as it is elastic. Some days stretch out impossibly so, other sneak by in a hush, clustered and quiet and unnoticed.

It rained a bunch so I caught up on some films; I took a leap and purchased ‘Men’ sight unseen and it rocked my world. Can’t say I recommend it though because the last 30 minutes or so are absolutely bonkers and graphic. If you can stand body Horror and you already like Garland’s work then go for it.

I found the earplugs of my dreams—Loop—and if you’re prone to overstimulation I definitely recommend them. They even come with multiple sizes of the the little rubber part that goes in the ear—I wear the xs—so you can customize your fit perfectly.

Bunny and I finally made it out to this Mexican restaurant I’d had my eye on forever. It was a borderline religious experience. I don’t normally gatekeep cool spots but this one? I’m not telling anybody where it is. Other food highlights include a cranberry cream cheese (that I made) and checking out the savory options at Nation’s (I’d only had their pie once before). The burger was massive and hit that burger-joint/diner burger craving square on the jaw. Delicious.

The absolute coolest part of the month was getting surprised with tickets to see my hockey team play in San Jose! Bunny outdid himself with jerseys and a plan to hop around different bars and restaurants. We had quite a raucous adventure and the Flames won! I also took home a signed picture of one of my favorite players!

Finished the year out by taking a ‘Stop the Bleed’ class and I highly recommend it. Never hurts to be prepared in an emergency situation. It’s an hour and a half and free to sign up. Find one near you!

Hope you had a safe and happy NYE! Good luck in 2023!

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