July 2021 • Part II

Sometimes, you have to get out of town. Especially when you’re suffering major pandemic burnout.

Rancho Murieta is a dreamy spot. The wine? Like sunshine and grape kisses. The setting? Surreal. The beer? Absolutely delightful. The food? Sublime.

One of the coolest parts of the trip was taking a trail ride! I rode a horse for the first time in about 15+ years! It was amazing! There is nothing like it and I really want to find a place a little closer to home to ride a little more regularly!.

Lastly, Mr. Bogart and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary! We didn’t get to go out last year (obviously) and he traveled on the actual date last month, so he made sure to snag us a table at ‘Tatse’ and holy cow y’all. It was really, really good. The atmosphere, the service, cocktails, menu—10/10 and we will be back!

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