Small Bites – Summer Reading

I’m not entirely sure how the works of Don DeLillo came into my life. I do remember that it started with ‘Cosmopolis’ which probably means that I watched the film attempt and was subsequently haunted…

I am normally a fast reader. I devour texts. But DeLillo’s work demands savoring. It’s a pool you slip so slowly into so as not to cause a ripple. His prose is so provocative that sometimes a sentence will completely unseat me and I have to put the book down and reflect for a long stretch. (And maybe throw a small internal tantrum because how are some people just so fucking good at what they do?!)

‘Zero K’ was tremendous. I felt like I held my breath for the last fifty pages. It’s not a casual read, and I don’t know more than two other DeLillo fans personally… but if you’re sometimes struck so intensely by the written word that you swoon? Maybe it could be for you…

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