SFHP – Pork Scaloppine

As someone who absolutely adores the world of culinary adventure, I endeavor to take inspiration from all places; even though places like Facebook can be a total cesspool source of frustration, I just love seeing what recipes are circulating and what other people are eating.

I’m not entirely sure how I came to save the following recipe for Pork Scaloppine. Truth be told, I have a great hatred for pork chops (with the fewest exceptions). But this recipe looked quite simple and easily achievable for a weeknight dinner, so I tucked it into my ‘saved’ tab and assembled a shopping list!

This wasn’t a meal I was longing for, but I found myself without a meal plan this week and decided to give it a go for yesterday’s dinner!

Here’s the link!  There’s video as well as the recipe!

Here are a few helpful hints that BP & I came across in the process that will help you if you’d like to give this a go for yourselves!

  1. You can totally save yourself some time and effort in buying a pack of pork cutlets from the grocery. I bought a pack that had 5 petite cutlets and it was perfect.
  2. Having an extra set of hands while you’re prepping and breading the cutlets and frying in batches is clutch. It makes the whole process run really smoothly and cuts down on the actual time needed to complete this recipe, so put on a record and cook with your honey, your pal, whomever hangs out in your kitchen.
  3. You can definitely skimp on the butter in the pan sauce and still have luscious results!
  4. Serve this with a pile of green vegetables and enjoy your only-barely-decadent weeknight dinner.
  5. These cutlets would make an excellent star in a pork sandwich.  It really reminded me of a pork schnitzel sandwich I just adore from this tap room in Montana and the next time I’m craving that sandwich, I’m definitely borrowing from this recipe!

And here’s my plate from last night. Please disregard the somewhat disastrous broccolini—a dressing experiment went slightly awry, but it was still quite tasty!

Where do you find your recipe inspirations? Tell me in the comments below!


Pork doesn’t grow on trees…

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