Hello friends!

Things continue to be very busy on the home-office front.  I’m really enjoying my new job!  It keeps me quite busy, and I’m still navigating setting the necessary boundaries between work and home life.  While I haven’t been blogging regularly, I did start writing some short fiction again; I’ve also made some great progress on a new collage series I recently started.

And there have been, of course, a few adventures as we squeeze out the last remaining days of summer!

I have some things in the works here, so if you’re missing our media-review content and looking for a garden update, never fear!  You’ll be able to read them soon!  And if you’re a maker, or you know a cool maker I should feature in the rest of the year’s “Meet A Maker” series, leave me a comment below!

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Pals at Derby!  Go Cheesus!
Bourbon Tasting Dinner at local Modesto restaurant, Dewz.
Went for the Olive Oil Warehouse Sale and was surprised to find a whole dang fair!
American Graffiti all day errday in Modesto.
In prepping backgrounds for my collage series, I’m starting to add a little organization to the chaos…
Bottomless Beer-mosas (which were actually technically shandies) and Battleship with the boys at Blaker Brewing in Ceres, CA.
The return of the snails means Autumn isn’t far off…
This lovely little bouquet and some fresh pastries (in the bag).
Some garden gifts.
Californian Cotton Candy

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