Tries! al dente Pasta Company – carba-nada egg fettuccine pasta


[Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% my own.]

For about 15 months, because of some health concerns, BP and I have been adhering to a LCHF diet.  For those not in the know, LCHF stands for Low-Carb High Fat and is a popular diet for those who are monitoring their blood sugar numbers closely.  It’s not as restrictive as the keto diet, but there’s a lot of overlap in the recipes utilized by both camps.  Sometimes BP and I are very strict in adhering to the guidelines, and other times we are more relaxed.  For me personally, I have the most success when I don’t stray too far from said guidelines; I used to think I had a particularly delicate stomach, but it just turns out that my body isn’t all that fond of bread, pasta, rice, etc.

It wasn’t too terrible of an adjustment to cut the aforementioned carbs from my every day life.  I do get the occasional hankering, but I save those for treats instead of allowing them into regular rotation.  I take their absence as an opportunity to add more vegetables to my plate!

When I do decide to treat myself, I still look for low-carb substitutes, and finding an acceptable pasta alternative has been a small challenge.  First it was several attempts at making ‘zoodles’ (zucchini noodles), but they always felt like a limp, watery mess.  Then I stumbled upon a box of edamame pasta at Costco, but try as I might, I could never get the texture to my liking.  There’s also an underlying flavor to the edamame pasta that won’t be covered up by even the most flavorful sauce.  It’s not a terrible alternative, the edamame pasta, but it’s not my favorite.  I was nearly ready to give up but recently found myself cruising the pasta aisles to see if anyone is offering a low-carb option.  Remember when there weren’t any GF pastas on the shelves?  These days there’s a decent selection at even the big chain grocery stores!  I’m hopeful for more low-carb options some day soon!

A few weeks ago, I came across this product, the al dente Pasta Company’s carba-nadaan egg-based fettuccine.  I happily tossed it into my cart, brought it home, and then forgot about it until a few nights ago.  I’m really focusing on simplicity in my menu planning this year.  And as I am slowly recovering from the flu, I wanted to put a simple dinner together, and pasta and meatballs sounded like the right idea!

And this pasta?  This one right here?  It.  Is.  AMAZING.  Seriously.  It boils for about four minutes (less if you desire a firmer texture).  Four minutes!  That’s all!  It also actually feels the closest to real, flour-based pasta!  There’s no off-flavor, no weird grittiness, no water-logged-and-limp noodles!  It’s really magnificent.  Another aspect I enjoy is how filling it is.  A serving is one-and-a-half cups, and while that might not seem like a lot, it’s plenty for a full dinner.  I served ours with a marinara and meatballs, as well as a side of broccoli and carrots.

This pasta will definitely have a place in our pantry; it’s perfect for those last-minute-emergency dinners (and saves us from wasting money on take-out).  If you’re looking for a pasta-replacement, you can’t go wrong with this one!  Let me know in the comments if you’ve given it a try or if you have any further questions!


PS – Here’s a snap of the nutritional information for those who are curious!


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