Welcome To My Blog!

Hello!  Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my site and read this blog!  If this is your first time visiting, allow me an introduction!


My name is Lorean, though I mostly go by ‘Star.’  As of this publication, I’m celebrating my 30th orbit around the sun, acclimating to adulthood.

I’m married to a wonderful human, a Food Scientist affectionately referred to as ‘Big Poppa’ (and for brevity I usually just call him BP).


We have a 4 lb chihuahua named ‘Nacho.’


I also have a handful of plants that despite my black-thumb, seem to be holding on quite nicely.

BP and I have had an interesting courtship which also influenced our path quite a bit.  We started dating long-distance when I was finishing up my undergrad in VA (and he was living in PA).  I moved back to MD for a short while after finishing my degree to pursue employment and find a theater to haunt.  But neither one of us was happy to settle on the east coast, and BP wanted to go back to school for Fermentation Science… so in 2011 we set off for OR, seeing a large part of the country on our way to our new home.  For the next three years, BP worked on his degree, and we explored most of the PNW.  Then we relocated to CA, so he could pursue his Master’s in Dairy Processing Technology… which would lead us to a brief stint in MN.  After a year of freezing temperatures, snow, a nearly unbearable humid summer, and swarms of mosquitoes, we decided that life in the Midwest just wasn’t for us, and we relocated back to CA.  (Can I just say how happy I am to be back in CA?!  I really really love it here.  Growing up, I always knew my life would have great adventure, but I never really considered becoming a California Girl.  Now I can’t imagine living anywhere else!)

All of this moving meant a whirlwind of employment experiences—I’ve worked in manufacturing, shipping, receiving, etc.  I’ve worked for a rubber manufacturing plant, a family-owned music shop, a slew of temp assignments, and as a Personal Concierge.  I’m currently searching for the next adventure!

If you’ve been on the job hunt in the last decade or so, especially in a well-populated city, you know the struggle—it sometimes feels as if you’ll never find a place of your own to start a career.  And frankly, it can drive you quite batty if all you focus on is finding said place.  So while I am constantly on the lookout (and perfecting endless variations of cover letters), I decided that I would also devote time to recording my daily experiences.  I love to cook; I love even more to go out and sample local fare.  I am incredibly passionate about movies (everything from art house cinema to major blockbusters).  I sometimes buy ridiculous things suggested to me via social media.  I also really enjoy going on adventures.  And I really love to write reviews.  All of these factors led to me setting up this blog; I want to share my experiences with others in a platform that is a little more accessible than a personal Facebook page.  So if any of that strikes your fancy, please stay tuned!

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